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Meet your designer

I am super excited to have you here!

I am Fantajia DeLisa, Mother, Leader, Entrepreneur, and Mentor. 

So a little about the birth and rebirth of iRocCharms.

A brand the features one of a kind natural stones jewelry creations that are handmade and enhanced for long term wear. These one of a kind design options are created and centered around pure intention and a story behind every piece.

I initially got into the jewelry business, making bracelets in 2008 around 11 years before i Roc Charms was officially created. In the years that followed I started my accession in corporate 

America elevating into a Senior Director role during my time working.  Fast forward to 2019 when I decided to relaunched my jewelry brand, and this is when i Roc Charms was officially born. My reason for  leaving my corporate position and starting my entrepreneurial journey was a yearning to dive into my creative side and after workin in corporate America for so long, I saw their business practices, and this motivated me to start my own business, knowing I could by succeed in my field. 

In 2020 I had the honor being a co founder to GGS, a brick and motor boutique located in the heart of Inglewood, designed to give the customers a unique and one of a kind experience. I am no longer at the location as I moved on to pursue other opportunities which have included being housed at 369 Women's clothing shop on the west side of Los Angeles. My ultimate goal is to open the very first i Roc Charms jewelry store and.. it will be opening in early fall of 2023, yayyyyyy!!! i Roc Charms is also in collaboration with a well known retail chain that is in 70 percent of malls across the country, the plan is for them to house my jewelry, and as soon as that deal is closed, and finalized I will be the first to let you all know.

In January of 2022, I left corporate America behind, and all that I had known for the past 9 years, I was ready for a new start. I began this transformative process by enhancing the brands image, placing a huge emphasis on quality and experience, after all this is a luxury brand. I also reintroduced myself to the world after taking a little time for myself during the transition, I felt it was beyond important to mentally prepare myself for this journey that we were about to go on. 

Bayybeee, when I say its up, it's up! I have attended over 60 events in 10 months, from speaking engagements to vendor events to creating, and producing my first talk show, mentoring engagements etc... WE HAVE BEEN WORKING YOU HEAR ME!


In all seriousness and in every way, I am so so so proud of iRocCharms. i Roc Charms is a handcrafted, luxury, fashion forward jewelry brand that can be worn anywhere from the night club to the board meeting, and I look forward to creating the next chapter of excellence for you all to experience.



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