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Download a Pep Talk Here!

Women are the real architects of society. In our quest to make life better, there are certain principles and information every woman must know. This is why I present to you Pep Talk (A No Bs Conversation About Boundaries, Blessings, And Becoming), a life-changing book that lays out proven tools and processes to reshape the mindset of young women and change their mental environment. The book written by me and Stefanie Manns and created this to be divided into three parts namely boundaries, blessings, and becoming. As stated by the Bible in Hosea 4:6 “My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge”, this book teaches how to use faith and practices to get a closer relationship with God and reshape the way you think in the world. Knowledge is power and to be a woman with true wisdom and knowledge, you need to know your boundaries, blessings, the journey of becoming, and how to make good use of what life gives you.For the love of women empowerment, the book has no fixed price but it’s a pay-what-you-can. The book will be sold to you at any only $5, making it easily accessible and affordable for all. After purchasing the book, you are given a gift of a downloadable prayer to help spark a higher vibrational mindset shift. Prayer works, never underrate the importance of prayer. Take this advantage and make your life better. 


Pay ONLY $5

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